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Mike Muizebelt Photography

Wildlife photographer ★ Africa expert ★ 
★ Adventurous Travel photo Photo workshops ★
Pentax, Sirui & NiSI Brand Ambassador

I am a full-time professional photographer with a strong passion for travel photography, especially on the African continent. But I just as much enjoy creating atmospheric and surprising photos in my own backyard; the coast of South Holland.

As a photographer I am always looking for creative angles, my images aim to bring as much wonder and surprise to the viewer as possible.
Thanks to my extensive "self-drive" travel experience through Southern Africa, I can now instantly respond to the ever-changing circumstances that you can find there. The counter has now reached more than 365 travel days!
In addition to pleasure of travelling and exploring new areas and unspoiled nature, the pelasure for me as a photographer is to keep an eye open for creating a varied and fascinating portfolio.

My strength lies in making strong and creative compositions that, together with the use of the latest technical possibilities, ensure varied series and catchy images. I like to share my knowledge and my enthusiasm with you during (private) workshops, presentations and my photo tours.

Workshops and Lectures

I would like to share my experience(s) and knowledge with you. I am happy to assist both novice and advanced photographers during their development.

Wildlife photography

My passion for many years. I would like to take you on a journey to discovery the beauty that the world has to offer us.

Travel photography

Are you going on a trip soon? Not only Africa is part of my expertise. I am happy to prepare you for your future journey during a private workshop.

Event photography

My creativity and years of experience in the hospitality industry are the basis for varied and surprising images.

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Also have a look at my latest project: The Monochrome Project, where I explore the power of black and white and monochrome photography.

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