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Great care has been taken with the content of Visitors are expressly invited to view the photography and texts, but the photography and texts are not intended for reproduction. Mike Muizebelt Photography accepts no liability for the consequences of incompleteness or inaccuracy. Mike Muizebelt Photography reserves the right at all times to remove, change or supplement the content of this site for any reason, without having to inform anyone. Mike Muizebelt Photography accepts no liability for any damage resulting from the use of this site or the use of (image) information provided on this website.

Institutions, organizations or persons who believe that posted photography or texts in one way or another damage their identity or otherwise, can report, stating well-founded reasons. The photographer will remove this photography or texts from the website as soon as possible if the reasons are justified by him.

For commercial assignments and commercial use you can contact Mike Muizebelt Photography via 'contact'. Mike Muizebelt Photography retains the digital and/or analogue original at all times.

The copyright on the photos rests with the photographer. The negatives and/or originals are the property of the photographer and are archived under the correct conditions. Commissioned photos may only be shown by Mike Muizebelt Photography as proof of craftsmanship in his portfolio, on his own website or in the context of a professional competition and/or industry competitions. With an agreement you automatically agree to the use of the images and any portrait rights. This only applies to the above media. Any other method of publication is only permitted with your explicit consent.

The photography and texts on are only intended for the owner of the website. Mike Muizebelt is and remains the intellectual owner of all photography designed, conceived, etc. and offered on this site.

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