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Lightroom Presets for SeaScapes

These free Beach Lightroom presets are intended as a starting point for editing your own images and may require additional adjustments. Each Lightroom Preset gives a glimpse into my way of editing the RAW images.
They have been specially developed for cameras with a high dynamic range (I myself work with a Pentax 645Z medium format camera). For example, do you see parts in your photo that are getting overexposed? Then adjust the highligts.

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They can help you as a starting point for your image editing of five common lighting situations.

  • Color Explosion
  • Enhanced Ocean Sunset
  • Blue Hour Sunset
  • Summer vibes
  • Afternoon Beach

The “Colour Explosion” preset for Lightroom or Photoshop focuses on strengthening the contrasts and increasing the color saturation in particular. The sometimes slightly overexposed parts where the sun can still be seen are slightly corrected by adjusting the exposure on the highlights.

Photoshop Preset Seascape Lightroom ma edit preset seascape

The “Enhanced Ocean Sunset” enhances the warm tones and gives a slight boost to the blue sky. Small adjustments in highlights and shadows ensure a fresh image.

Lightroom Preset Beach Lightroom presets download

The “Blue Hour Sunset” I developed for those evenings when I'm still shooting long after sunset. The blue of the blue hour then dominates enormously (especially on cloudy days). This preset corrects this blue tint and adds some more contrast in the highlights.

Lightroom raw file preset seascape Photoshop edit after preset beach

“Summer sunset” enhances the warm glow of the sun. An excellent basis to which you can add further adjustments yourself to transform the image into your own summer vibe!

Lightroom Preset Seascape Lightroom Beach after preset

In the Netherlands, the light is sometimes a bit flat and little sparkling. “Afternoon Beach” ensures that your image gets a refresh.

Lightroom Preset Seascape Lightroom preset free
Importing the presets:
  • Select File > Import Profiles and Presets on the menu bar.

  • In the Import dialog box that appears, browse to the desired path and select the profiles or presets you want to import.

  • click on Import.


Method 2

You can also manually copy the files to the correct folder so that they are available for both Lightroom and Photoshop:

Win: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles

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