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Creative nature photography

As a Pentax ambassador (with a slight collecting "tick"), I own a nice collection of lenses. But to stimulate my creativity, I often choose one specific lens from these lenses, which I then go out with for a day.
In this way I force myself to consciously think about how I am going to capture the subject with that one lens. Often my most original and surprising images arise from this.

Surprise is always a pet peeve for me. I prefer no cliché images...... Until the beginning of 2017 I have never seen a bird hut from the inside!! This makes me fairly unique in my kind. I clearly don't go for the easy prey, but I like to experiment, try out, learn….

Nature photography is mainly looking

As with any nature photographer, it's mainly about the search for the right light. Nature is my field of work, the subjects endless.
Light, contrasts and color shades often attract my attention, the subject itself is often secondary.

Not only here in the Netherlands, but also on my travels to Africa, for example, it is all about the quality of the light.
Afternoons, with hard light, are used to get from A to B and do the shopping, so that all the beautiful morning and evening light can be used for my photography.

Nature photography in Africa

Many know me as an Africa photographer and I do of course show that what you get from afar can be tasty. But I can also show you that good doesn't have to come from far. As said before, my images are not just about the subject, but mainly about things like the right light, a good background, eye-catching details, a good composition. And so over the years I have built up a nice portfolio full of goodies, which still tastes like more…….