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Mike Muizebelt
Mike Muizebelt

Photographer ★ Africa expert ★ Events specialist ★ Guest speaker ★ Pentax brand Ambassador ★ Nature Photography

I specialize in creative visualization that gives the viewer an impression of place, atmosphere and moment at a glance.

My knowledge is transferred on a regular basis during workshops, presentations, travel advice (both practical and photographic) and in technical, travel, and nature photography related articles.

Where there are expectations, there are opportunities to exceed them

I have a distinct passion for travel photography, especially on the African continent. But I just as much enjoy creating atmospheric and surprising photos in my own backyard. My work has been published in magazines such as National Geographic, Africa Geographic, Natuurfotomagazine and PF magazine.

10 reasons to work together

Reason 1-10:
The work on this website will speak for itself, but who is Mike Muizebelt if you were to work with him? When you work with me, you hire the drive and passion of an independent entrepreneur; a photographer with excellent social skills who, through 3 decades of experience, now knows what DOES and what DOESN'T work.
You work with a photographer who can empathize with the expectations and wishes of his customer. I act as your sounding board, but I will not hesitate to provide feedback that you can actually do something with.

As a business client, the momentum of your projects is often very important and I will therefore always ensure a very fast delivery of the images (regularly within 24 hours!)

Photography 89%
sounding board 78%
Customer focus 87%
Drive and Passion 110%

Photo Sale

Would you like to order a photo of me? Nice! All photos from my portfolio are for sale, but of course I have much more material in my stock. In consultation with me you choose your size and material and the photo will be delivered to your home within a few days. Also nice to give as a gift to someone!
Take a minute Contact if you want to know more about this!