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Photo tours Africa

My name is Mike Muizebelt; wildlife photographer and Africa expert. Since 2004 I regularly travel through Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, but I also gained experience in Kenya and Tanzania. With more than a year of self-drive experience through Africa, I can call myself an expert in the field of traveling and practicing wildlife and landscape photography in Southern Africa.
With this personal experience as baggage, it was obvious to offer other photographers the opportunity to experience the rugged wilderness, beautiful nature and impressive landscapes. I would therefore love to take you on one of my photo tours to Botswana or Namibia.
Travels where you as a participant not only taste, feel, explore and experience, but also learn how to photograph all those impressions and experiences. Using my input as a professional photographer, I will teach you to look at African nature through the eyes of a photographer. You will learn to see all kinds of leading lines, lighting and details that normally go unnoticed. All my photo tours to Africa are intended for enthusiastic photographers, but are also composed in such a way that a non-photographing partner will enjoy the areas we visit just as much.

Did you already book a trip or would you rather travel yourself? Then I can also be of service to you. Take a look at my 1-day safari photography workshop.

Current offer of the Photo Tours Africa

15-day Photo Tour Namibia: The Ultimate Experience
– May 4 to May 20, 2024: FULL
Photo tour Namibia: The Friends edition

– MAY 22 THROUGH JUNE 6, 2024: VOL

15 day Photo Tour Namibia 2025: The Ultimate Experience
– May 26 TO June 11, 2025: Open for pre-booking
16 day Photo Tour Botswana: Into the Wild
DATES 2024:
– August 29 to September 13, 2024: FULL
– September 15 to September 30, 2024: Optional travel; 3 places available

Structure of the photo tours

I organize nature and photo trips where the best price-quality is always paramount. These are trips with a lot of attention for photography, but also a lot of space for enjoying the other things. We have time to let all impressions settle, whether or not in a luxury lodge or our full-service base camp in the middle of nature. The African cuisine (award winning dinners from a wood fire!) and hospitality form the basis to set off well rested every day.
In many areas we often stay for a few days so we keep travel times relatively short during the entire trip and we are able to extensively explore an area photographically.
Because I think it's important to have all the time for my guests, I always travel with a local guide. He or she not only knows a lot about nature and culture, but also knows how to put our safari vehicle in the right position. We obviously do not focus on the quantity, but on the quality of our photos. So not: see a leopard, take a picture and leave for a possible next sighting. The guide will also explain a lot about all aspects of nature. So we take all the time, not only for the photo, but also to enjoy the wildlife and nature during our sightings.

Photographically, we will cover many disciplines throughout the trip. How do I work with a long telephoto lens? What do I look for in landscape photography? There is often no light pollution, so night photography and, for example, start rails are also extensively discussed. Macro photography at the lodge or in the camp? We will also work on that!

Welwitschia in Namibia
Desert Elephant - Namibia


For the necessary knowledge in the field of travel and all technical travel matters, I work together with the expert in the field of Africa travel: BMS Travelers. BMS-Travellers has been the expert in tailor-made travel to various destinations in southern Africa for 45 years.
In the various destinations themselves, we only work with the best companies and local partners. It goes without saying that the trips are completely tailor-made, so that we can always enjoy all the elements of our trip under the best conditions.

Why a photo tour with me? How do I make a difference?

  • We travel to the most beautiful nature reserves and national parks so we have everything in place for making the perfect photo. We prefer to stay at least 2 nights at each location, in the larger parks even 3. That way we have enough time to explore everything thoroughly, without having to rush.
  • We don't travel 24/7 so we don't just see Africa from our 4×4. Where possible we leave the car and experience nature walking through the area where we are. This way we avoid the obstacles that shooting from a car can entail
  • We make an early morning and late afternoon safari almost every day anyway. We make optimal use of the best light (and that is often spectacular in Africa!) We decide for ourselves how long we want to go on a photo safari. Normally we travel from point A to B in the afternoon on a relocation day. Otherwise, the afternoon is for yourself to relax while enjoying a tasty lunch or cool drink.
  • Through my years of experience I am a specialist in finding the places to take some awesome images during your trip. In addition to classic photography, we naturally also work on a creative and varied portfolio. All travel destinations are also at least 1, but often already visited several times by me, so that I also have a "plan B" ready at all times.
  • Because an extra guide (and sometimes even a private cook) goes along, there is a lot of time for me to hold short presentations and photo discussions in between. This way there is always room for optimal knowledge transfer.
  • I only work with authorized local operators who know the area in depth and have extensive experience. We leave nothing to chance.
  • The trips are small-scale so that individual attention is guaranteed and there is plenty of space for everyone (such as the guaranteed private window seat).
  • Every trip is offered as complete as possible, no extra costs such as meals, entrance fees, tips, etc. Extra expenses are often limited to some minor personal expenses.
  • I can also organize private photo tours where we will compose the trip to your individual wishes, everything is possible! Feel free to join up with a group of friends for a detailed trip-itenerary.

Want to know more? Have a look at the current photo tours Namibia or to the wildlife oriented trip to Botswana.