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The beach 5-day is a tried and tested concept within Photo United's range of workshops and is especially aimed at participants who are looking for a further deepening of their (coastal) photography in a relatively short period of time. During 5 days you will work on a wide range of techniques at various locations in South Holland. Filter photography, slow shutter speeds, composition and bird photography are a number of items that can be extensively discussed and practiced in this course. Do you also want to become a professional in this branch of nature photography with the help of coastal expert Mike Muizebelt? Register now!
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Beach 5-days – I'm going on these 5 evenings

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The Photo United Strand 5-day - "master your seascapes"

During this series of short workshops we go "beachcombing" to capture the most beautiful parts of this very dynamic and photogenic coastal landscape.
Due to the dynamics of nature in our coastal and dune regions, it is hardly possible to imagine more variation during this inspiring series of workshops. The light changes every 5 minutes and the influence of wind, sun, clouds, ebb, flood and shifting dunes makes it a dynamic landscape.

During this photo workshop we will shoot wide. So you can get started with both your regular lenses and your extreme wide-angle lens or macro lens.
The subjects in and around the beach are endless; Drifting dunes, dynamic skies, rolling surf, carpets of shells, marram grass and structures in the sand. The workshop lends itself perfectly to a series of beachcombing sessions with our cameras.
In other words, a fantastic environment for us photographers!

We start with a long day where we first discuss the theory and then we experience a first session on the beach. We then go on an extra 4 evenings on the road at various locations along the coast of South Holland. These locations have been carefully chosen because they all have their own atmosphere and photographic possibilities.
During these workshops we also experience a range of different tides. Sufficient variety and possibilities to get started with a wide spectrum of techniques!
After you have registered, Mike Muizebelt will contact you to discuss the details.

Each workshop starts 1.5 hours before sunset and will continue until ± 30 minutes after sunset. So they are short and intensive sessions of about 2 hours. Before you book this workshop, realize that the discussion afterwards is an important learning element. An active personal contribution contributes to the best end result.
At the start of the workshop there will be a brief substantive briefing and individual progression will be discussed. The goal is that we learn a lot and make everything negotiable so that the knowledge transfer during the sessions will be optimal. In addition, a closed Facebook group will be opened in which additional feedback will be given on your images. You will work with the following techniques, among others:

  • Filter usage
  • Long shutter speeds
  • Macro and close up photography
  • Focus stacking
  • Panning techniques
  • bird photography

In addition, we naturally let ourselves be guided by everything that can visualize the atmosphere and feeling of a session.
The workshop dates are predetermined and ALWAYS take place. Going out in circumstances where you would normally stay indoors can lead to the most spectacular images in coastal photography.

The dates for 2024:

Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Note: this day an early start at 18:00!

Location: Voorschoten and then the Wassenaar battle
Sunset: 22:03
Tide: Receding water

Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Location: Scheveningen
Sunset: 22:06
Tide: Maximum ebb

Wednesday, June 26, 2024
Location: Zandmotor Kijkduin
Sunset: 22:07
Tide: Expiring tide

Wednesday, July 3, 2024
Location: Katwijk
Sunset 22:05
Tide: Decreasing to maximum low tide

Wednesday, July 10, 2024
Location: IJmuiden
Sunset 22:00
Tide: Rising tide

The workshop is suitable for photographers of all levels and, in addition to the technical side of photography, we will also discuss the art of looking. A filter set is recommended and during the first evening there will be a number of NiSi sets available for photographers who want to get acquainted with them first. Mike Muizebelt has a number NiSi filter kits composed. These can be ordered from him and participants in this workshop can use their booking number for a 5% discount on the purchase of a filter set.

Intensive support

What comes first at Photo United is enjoying your surroundings, being inspired by our subjects and each other, but also having fun with our beautiful hobby; photography. The student is expected to have a pro-active attitude, so that there is good interaction between the student and workshop leader and the group as a whole. This way you get the best return from this exciting photo evening at the varied stretches of beach in the Netherlands.

Location: 5 locations along the coast of South Holland
Workshop leader: Mike Muizebelt
Number of participants: maximum 10
Level: novice and experienced photographers
Time: vfrom ± 8.30 pm to a maximum of 10.30 pm
Supplies: a digital (SLR) camera, a tripod, gray (gradient) filters, wide-angle lens and/or telephoto lens, macro lens, boots & possibly a rain suit


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