Workshop Horse Photography on the Beach


Few animals are as graceful, graceful and photogenic as a horse. During Mike's previous workshops on the beach, he often lost the attention of his students when a horse walked past or through the surf….
Mike has ridden dressage and military horses for about 15 years and his heart still beats faster when he encounters horses in a beautiful setting.
After a chance meeting in 2020 on the beach of Katwijk, Mike made contact with Linda and Romy, two talented amazons, both with beautiful horses. Romy has a beautiful black Friesian and Gert, Linda's horse is a graceful WPN gelding. There are no better models! Together we have put together an incredibly cool workshop where you, in the best light and under ideal circumstances, will work on various camera techniques!

Workshop Horse Photography on the Beach – Saturday August 12

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Workshop Horse Photography on the Beach

The workshop "Horses on the Beach" is scheduled on a date that will have the ideal situation for us. The sea is retreating, so that the beach will dry up and we will not have disturbing footsteps, but virgin and untouched sand in our view. At Katwijk, a wide strip is then released, exposing a large piece of shallow water. In this piece we can photograph the horses from various angles as they walk, trot and perhaps even gallop through the water.

The program of this Equine Photography workshop:

High tide: 1:32 p.m.; 77cm above NAP
Low tide: 9:23 p.m.; -52cm below NAP
Sunset: 9:13 PM

18:45 – 20:00 theory
20:00 – 21:30 Photo shoot
21:30 – 22:00 Debriefing

The workshop starts 2.5 hours before sunset with a piece of theory in which we discuss the technical side of photography. Things like shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings, deliberate motion blur in action, composition, lighting, silhouettes and the use of a wide-angle lens versus telephoto lens are all covered. Where necessary, we practice with each other so that we are optimally prepared for the actual photo session. Because we also discuss the correct autofocus settings, this workshop is also suitable for participants who are not yet proficient in action photography.
About 1.5 hours before sunset the horses will join us and we will put the theory into practice. We continue shooting until about 15 minutes after sunset (that's when the light is often at its best). So we shoot during the most photogenic conditions.
Afterwards we will have a short debriefing

Although the horses are used to the beach and the sea, we cannot plan and guarantee everything from A to Z. For example, they can just decide that water is scary… It goes without saying that we will not force anything.
The Amazons determine at all times what is or is not possible.


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