Last Minute Photo Workshop


Last Minute Photo Workshop

It is not always possible to determine the best time, location and weather conditions in advance when planning workshops. Seasons simply don't run synchronously year after year.
Drought, heat and, for example, extreme cold all have an influence and determine when we can go out for the best images. These decisions are often last minute and therefore cannot be planned in advance.

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Last minute photo workshops - On the road in the best conditions

During the year there are always uncertainties and things that are difficult or impossible to plan. Think of snowfall, the bloom of heather, ideal conditions at the coast or a forest full of mushrooms. But also kind of specific workshops like the deer rut, the first meadow damselflies or flying out orange tips cannot be planned in advance. If we are lucky we know a week, sometimes a few days in advance.

Mike Muizebelt has been known for years for his sophisticated planning for sessions on the coast. Tides and sunsets often come together perfectly in his workshops. He now likes to continue this attention to detail in his Last Minute Photo Workshops. At most, you will receive an invitation for a certain day a few times a year, complete with location, program and associated costs. If you want and are able to participate, sign up, after which you will receive the detailed information by email.

These workshops are intended for photographers with more advanced experience. You must be able to work independently with basic skills such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO values. During the workshop itself, we will extensively discuss matters such as composition, creativity, technique and working on a catchy series.

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