NiSi Macro Focusing Rail NM-180


The NiSi macro focusing rail is the perfect addition to the camera bag of the serious macro photographer.

You can place the focusing rail on your tripod head via the arca-swiss compatible version and in this way bring your camera over the rails to the desired position. You can use the dials to focus very accurately or you can choose to take multiple shots that can later be combined with a "focus stack".

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Use the NiSi macro focus rail for better macro photography

Creativity, composition and camera control are part of your photography, but using the right equipment in certain situations is just as important. After all, we don't run outside with our 18-55mm kit lens to take a picture of an owl in a tree...

The same goes for macro photography, if we want to capture the heart of a flower with the right sharpness, that becomes difficult from hand. We often grab our tripod to ensure maximum stability. If, in addition to this stability, we also want a good crop, then things quickly become complicated. Our macro lenses often have a fixed focal point, so zooming in or out is not possible. Moving your tripod for a better composition often causes problems due to vegetation, irregularities, etc. The NiSi macro focusing rail gives us the freedom to very accurately determine your ideal composition AND sharpness.

How can a focusing rail help with macro photography?

If you look at the images of the NiSi focus rail, you will see quite a few small buttons. Some of these buttons clamp your camera, others allow your camera to move step by step along the rail. In principle, the way in which you get started with this rail is as follows; you attach the focus rail to your tripod and then your camera to the focus rail. Then you set your composition globally. This is followed by fine-tuning; with the miniscule movements of the camera on your focusing rail you compose your perfect picture. It is no longer necessary to zoom in or out or move your tripod forward or backward.

The NiSi Focusing Rail allows you to rotate your camera 360 degrees and allows you to move your camera over 160mm.
If you turn the adjustment knob 1 turn, your camera will have moved 1.25 mm, the scale on the side will help you make the fine adjustment.

Tip: Do you want the option to adjust via two axes? These focusing rails are stackable so that you can move both left-right and front-back.

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