Sirui Reporter Series R-5214XL “The Beast”


The Sirui R-5214XL Reporter (aka “The Beast”) is an extremely strong carbon tripod from Sirui's RX series. I take this specific tripod with me when I want something special. With the optional center column it reaches a height of almost 265cm! this gives a unique angle of view when used for landscapes, for example.
It distinguishes itself from other tripods due to its easy-to-remove mounting plate. Due to this unique feature, the mounting plate can be exchanged for the 75mm half-shell adapter or for the optional center column, the RX-66C. The stabilization hook under the head has a built-in Allen key to make changing extra easy.
The R-5214XL has four leg sections that you can adjust by means of a twist lock.
It is an extremely high tripod with a maximum height, excluding the center column, of 200 centimetres. If you use it in combination with the middle column, the working height will even be 263.5 cm
The legs can be placed completely horizontally so that a minimum height of only 10 centimeters is achieved. This is ideal for macro photography, for example. The maximum load capacity of this sturdy tripod is 30 kilos, so that you can also work with heavier combinations of camera & lens or professional video cameras. The R-5214XL Reporter is equipped with rubber feet as standard, but steel spikes are included with which the tripod also has a good grip on soft surfaces.

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Sirui Reporter R-5214XL

Tripod with a smart design

For extra strength and stability, the connections of the tripod legs are not placed on the side, but under your tripod head platform. The three-section legs are equipped with a twist lock with a short turn. This allows you to set the correct working height in an instant. The built-in spirit level is an additional aid. The legs can be adjusted separately from each other so that a good working height can also be found quickly in hilly terrain. The legs automatically lock into your chosen position to save time.

Very versatile

The three-point locking platform and RX-75A 75mm half-bowl adapter make it easy to quickly transform the tripod into a video tripod. Combine all the aforementioned features with the striking minimum height of only 10 centimeters and a maximum height of 263.5 centimeters and you know that this Sirui tripod can last for years due to its versatile use. And despite the use of durable materials, the tripod only weighs 2.8 kilograms!

Features of the Sirui Reporter R-5214XL Carbon tripod

  • Made of Carbon
  • Removable mounting plate
  • Possibility to use 75mm half-shell adapter or center column
  • Four leg sections with twist lock
  • 3/8" screw
  • Carrying capacity of 30 kilos
  • Maximum height of 263.5 when using the RX-66C
  • Minimum height of 10 cm
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Tripod – Sections4
Tripod - Max Diameter40
Tripod - Min Diameter28
Tripod–Min Height10
Tripod-Max Height200
Tripod – Max Height extended263.5
Tripod–Retracted Height69
Tripod-Max Load30
Tripod - Head Includedno
Common – Included ComponentsManual, Warranty Card, Quality Certificate, Carry Bag, Tools, Rubber Feet, Stainless Steel Spikes, RX-75A Adapter Bowl

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