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The 8 hours of Zoutelande is THE workshop for photographers who want to get the most out of a day of photography on the coast. We work from sunrise, take a break around lunchtime and continue until just after sunset. And of course we do this under the best possible conditions, as you have come to expect from us. It is a workshop for photographers who want to improve their skills in one day in matters such as filter use, composition and viewpoints, the effect of shutter speeds on your image, camera technique and correct lighting. The workshop is led by Mike Muizebelt, a real coastal expert with more than 35 years of experience. We know one thing for sure, he will be able to assist you with any "problem" in the field!


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Mike is now known for his sophisticated planning of the workshops and although we have no influence on wind, rain and clouds, we can provide a good basis.

On Sunday, December 15, 2024, sunrise is at 8:45 AM, sunset is at 4:30 PM. The tide cooperates nicely, because there is a full moon and this gives a maximum excursion of the tide. At 7.28 am the low tide is -160 cm below NAP. So the beach is completely empty and virgin when we arrive. After this the water will come towards us and will have reached its highest point at 1:20 PM: +218cm. So together we are experiencing a rise in the water of almost 4 meters! That will undoubtedly give us endless composition possibilities!

The program on Sunday, December 15, 2024 is as follows:

08:15 - 08:45: Reception with coffee and tea
08:45 - 11:30: Beach session I
11:30 - 13:00: Lunch at a beach bar to be determined (not included)
13:00 - 17:00: Beach Session II

We can advertise with things such as free coffee and tea on arrival, access to our community, personal attention, free borrowing of NiSi filters, discount codes at Cameranu and giving tips and tricks during this workshop.
But we don't do that. These are things that we take for granted when giving workshops.

What do we also offer? An open atmosphere with respect for each other's level in which Mike actively guides you, shares his working method and way of looking with you. Pre-visualization of your images plays an important role when taking your photos, but so does choosing the best aperture and corresponding shutter speed. The more you dare to show yourself, the more successful this day will be for you. The common thread will be about composition and lighting with a classic look at photography; no coastal high-key, intentional camera movement or other creative techniques.

Will you join a photographer who has been photographing on the beach since the turn of the century?

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Sunday December 15, 2024



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