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Do you also want to learn how to lightpaint? In this inspiring Lightpainting workshop you will work with one of the best Dutch Lightpainters, Mike Muizebelt.

You will work with him to create creative effects using different light sources. For this we go to a beach in the Wassenaar/Katwijk area and the emphasis is on drawing with light. After the extensive theoretical explanation, we jointly make some images with a model, after which you get to work yourself in groups of 3 people. Mike hereby shares all his secrets so that you are optimally prepared to get started yourself later!
At the end of this workshop you will not only have a number of beautiful images on your camera, but you will also be able to practice a lot with the various materials and techniques!


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Light painting workshop.

This workshop should actually be called light drawing because light painting is the technique in which we light up our subject in the darkness with a light. In this workshop we draw shapes in the air, supporting the landscape and/or our model; Light drawing

This workshop is given by Mike Muizebelt, author of the expert course Lightpainting,
as published in the leading photography magazine
You can find more of his work here: "Lightpainting - Creating a frozen moment of your creativity"


Master class Light painting
Expert course Lightpainting - magazine


When lightpainting on the beach, it is important that the conditions are optimal. When working on the coast, this means that we take ebb and flow into account, so that the structures of and the reflections on the wet sand participate nicely in your composition.

Saturday, June 22, 2024

  • The sun sets at 22.06
  • At 15:47 it is high tide (98 cm above NAP) and we work on a "fresh" setting, especially during the falling water. The lowest position is reached at 23:39 and is then 66cm below NAP.

Saturday July 20, 2024

  • The sun sets at 9:49 PM
  • At 3:26 PM it is high tide (93 cm above NAP) and we mainly work on a "fresh" setting during the receding water. The lowest level is reached at 23:34 and is then 66cm below NAP. The full moon rises at 10:04 PM so we can work longer with ambient light

The global program:
20:45 - 21.45 Theory
21.45 - 22.15 Photograph sunset (bring your filters if you have them!)
22:15 - 23.45 Photographing group images
23.45 ± 00:15 Possibly get started yourself in groups of 3

This Lightdrawing workshop is given outside and in the dark, it can be fresh and windy at the coast. So do you realize that before you book this workshop! However, with the right clothing this should not be a problem, I often wear several layers and a windbreaker for my sessions on the beach. Waterproof shoes or boots are a must! The workshop will be moved to another date if the circumstances are really too turbulent.

We start the workshop with a lot of theory. The materials that can be used in this form of photography are discussed in detail. What works well, what works less, but above all: HOW do you use these materials.
We believe that proper lighting of the environment and your work of art is a requirement for a successful photo. So we will discuss the exposure and how to get it well balanced. When compiling this workshop, we have already made all the mistakes ourselves..... we will make sure that you will recognize them and eventually avoid them!
You will also learn how to put together your first lightpaint set with a minimal investment. Mike has been making his own lightpaint tubes for a long time and is happy to share this experience with you.

During the blue hour, the light intensity of our lamps will not yet be strong enough. A great time to kill time photographing the coast during the blue hour!

After this, we will take the attributes and start working together, during which you will receive a detailed explanation of the technology in practice during the demonstration. Then you get to work yourself and will Mike Muizebelt assist you with advice and deed.

Photo United's service does not stop after the workshop. You will have access to our private Facebook group, where we share the latest news and tips. It is also the place where you can find new inspiration and you can show your images to other students for feedback.

Intensive and personal guidance

What comes first at Photo United is enjoying your surroundings, being inspired by our subjects and each other, but also having fun with our beautiful hobby; photography. The student is expected to have a pro-active attitude, so that there is good interaction between the student and workshop leader and the group as a whole. This way you get the best return from this exciting photo evening at one of the most varied stretches of beach in the Netherlands.

Location: Beach between Wassenaar and Katwijk (exact location to be announced)
Workshop leader: Mike Muizebelt
Number of participants: a maximum of 9 (due to the 3-person practice groups this time no 8 people)
Level: novice and experienced photographers
Inclusive: snacks & drinks
Time: About 20:00 to 24:00, depending on the date

  • Sufficient basic knowledge to set your aperture, shutter speed and ISO yourself
  • A tripod with cable release that also works in the Bulb setting (a wireless release is ideal))
  • A wide-angle lens (Anything between 12 and 30mm on full frame works perfectly)
  • Weatherproof clothing (think of wet feet, wind, moisture)


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Super fun and educational workshop that we wouldn't have wanted to miss. We were able to take beautiful pictures and will certainly continue to experiment ourselves. It was worth driving from Friesland.

Mike Muizebelt

Dear Syd,
Glad to hear it was worth the drive for you! I can imagine that the rain didn't feel very good on the way…..but we were spoiled with the sunset. I also look back on a very nice evening with you and wish you good luck and fun with lightpainting!

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