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I have been using the Sirui tripods for several years now in the most extreme conditions. In stormy winds on the South Holland coast, where sand and salt are normally a problem, they have never let me down so far. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending the tripods to you.
You can find an extensive review of my favorite, the Sirui W-2204 here: Sirui W-2204, the ultimate tripod?

Tripods are a fixed value for the photographer who takes his images in series and are actually a "must-have" for every photographer. You may wonder why?
That question is easy to answer.
Using a tripod prevents motion blur at slow shutter speeds and ensures that you can work with lower ISO values and higher apertures.

But which tripod do you choose? Sirui has 7 different tripod lines and I work with two of these lines; the “R” reporter line and the “W” waterproof line. You will find these tripods in this webshop.

Which line you ultimately choose, if you choose a tripod from Sirui, you opt for one hundred percent reliability, quality, stability and ease of use! Sirui stands are the epitome of good design and perfect production.

Lifetime warranty on Sirui tripods

Yes, you read that right! Sirui is so confident in its design and production that since 2019 they have been providing a lifetime warranty on all tripods and monopods purchased from dealers within our network.

Decision aid

Can't see the forest through the tripod legs? In this video I take you through the various types of tripods and tripod heads.

Series R – Reporter

Strength and durability

The reporter line includes the powerhouses for extreme use in nature. Without the head, they have a working height of up to 180 cm and they can be loaded with several tens of kilos. This line has two basic versions: a variant with a central column and a variant without.

For professionals

As a professional, we want equipment that 100% is reliable and works well in all conditions. Whether it's cold, warm, wet or dry, you can rely on a Reporter. Reporters are the heavyweights of the Sirui tripod families, but they don't compromise on lightness and ease of use.
After all, a professional wants to be able to work blindly with his tripod, operate a twist lock effortlessly and then also be able to blindly rely on the tripod.

The Sirui twistlocks have been developed for this purpose. Expressly with the aim of achieving the greatest possible moment with the shortest possible stroke. As a result, extending and retracting the tripod is performed surprisingly quickly and smoothly. And fixed is just fixed!

The Reporter for the Photographer

The Reporter has been so thoughtfully designed that the locking ring of the center column has been designed as an oversized wing nut, so that photographers can control their tripod even in arctic conditions and with gloves on. From the sturdy spikes to the camera plate, the Reporter exudes robustness. And that's how it feels. It is a durable tool that works in all conditions. And that after a grueling trip it can be easily taken apart for cleaning, and then just as easily put back together again. The hinges of the Reporter are also adjustable, because a non-slip hinge action can make the difference, especially on a sloping surface. The supplied hex key is located in the accessory compartment of the supplied bag. Very complete.

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Series W & Series ST – “Waterproof”

Really waterproof and high outdoor tripod

Sirui's W and ST series tripods are real outdoor tools: strong, waterproof and easy to use even with gloves on.

Water proof sealing system

The tripods are equipped with a WPS, water proof sealing system developed by Sirui itself, which prevents water from entering the tripod legs and hinges. This tripod is not only water resistant, but really waterproof. Of course, this also makes it dust-proof.

This special feature makes the W and ST series tripods suitable for real survival work, even in winter conditions, because the twist locks and buttons for the leg position can also be easily operated with gloves on.

Both salt and fresh water

The waterproofness of the tripod legs makes it possible to set up in water, both salt and fresh water. And to keep the camera dry, this line has a working height of up to 1.8 meters (still without ball head), while the most compact variant is only 42cm when folded.

1/2 twist lock – 8/10 layers of carbon

Only half a turn is needed for the leg segments to move smoothly or to lock them properly. Setting up or storing these tripods is therefore done very quickly. The legs can also be folded up 180 degrees, in the so-called head position, so that the ball head comes between the legs and the tripod can be stored even smaller. The twist locks are newly designed and are completely sealed, while the retraction and extension are as smooth as with regular tripods.

The tripod legs of the carbon fiber version are made of 8 layers of carbon fibre. With the W-series that is no less than 10 layers!. That makes them even more durable than other tripods.

Both lines have a reversible center column, that of the W-2204 is even divisible for even greater versatility. In short, with this line you can just as easily work a few centimeters above the ground as at a height of 1.8 meters.

Monopod (W-2204 only)

One of the three tripod legs can be removed to use as a monopod. The monopod is also a watertight construction. The attachment of the 'interchangeable' leg to the tripod is carried out with a double screw closure, making the whole a very strong and rigid construction.

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Sirui 2 in 1 Explorer Series Tripod

With today's demand for video images as a supplement to regular photo material, I was looking for a new solution. I was looking for a tripod that I could use for both travel photography and videography. Sirui had the perfect tripod for this question. The AR-3204 has an integrated video bowl (which can also be locked if desired), making leveling your tripod extremely quick and easy. Ideal if you need to keep the horizon level when panning! In combination with the VH-10X head, which I use for both video and photography, I have a kit that can handle my most demanding combinations, but is still compact enough to take with me when traveling.

Sirui AR-3204 ExplorerSirui AR-3204 ExplorerQuick View
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The Sirui K-Series headsets

I always use the Sirui ball heads from the K-series on my tripods. This proven series is robust and, depending on the type, has a load capacity of up to 35 kilos. These ball heads have a Sirui designed safety mechanism with a secondary lock on Arca-Swiss clamp.
When moving your camera, you don't have to worry that your equipment can slide off the ball head. The headsets have two locking buttons; one for panning and one for friction for more flexibility.

Fixed is really fixed with these headsets and even with heavy loads the composition will not change. With some other brands you sometimes see that the image shifts downwards.

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The Sirui PH Series Swing Heads

The Sirui PH-10 swing head head is a great solution for shooting moving subjects with a long telephoto lens without any problem. Ball heads and three-way heads can be a pain to use in situations with fast-moving subjects, but the special construction of this gimbal head makes your camera and heavy lens seem weightless and you can track your moving subjects quickly, smoothly and accurately.

Cross-laid, 10-layer carbon construction in the arm and a forged aluminum alloy in the L-bracket make the PH-10 very strong - it can hold up to 15 kg, but weighs only 0.94 kg. The carbon fibers also reduce vibration and provide better tolerance to temperature changes.

Once the camera with its lens is perfectly balanced on this rocking head, it is actually no longer necessary to lock the controls. You can quickly and easily move your camera in any direction with a very light amount of force.
In fact, a properly aligned system can be operated with just one finger.

Sirui-PH-10Sirui-PH-10 packagingQuick View
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